The communion

Communion is a religious sacrament or ceremony celebrated in many branches of Christianity, including the Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church, and some Protestant denominations. It is an important event in the life of a child, typically around the age of 7-12, when they receive the Holy Communion for the first time. This involves partaking in the body and blood of Christ in the form of bread and wine (or grape juice) during the Christian liturgy.  

Transform your child's First Communion into an unforgettable memory that will be treasured by all. We specialize in crafting moments that will leave a lasting impression on this special occasion, marking the commencement of a life filled with love, faith, and blessings. Our wish is for you to continue nurturing your relationship with God and to advance on your journey of kindness and love towards others. Key Information Related to Communion:

Religious Meaning:

Communion represents the belief in the real presence of Jesus Christ in the bread and wine, and symbolizes the union of the believer with Christ and the Christian community.


    It's a process that children typically follow before receiving communion. This may include catechesis, confession, and other preliminary rituals. 

The ceremony:

Details of the communion ceremony in the church, including attire, Bible readings, the Eucharist, and any other significant elements.

Gifts and Traditions:

The common traditions and customs associated with communion, such as gifts, cards, family celebrations, and keepsakes..


The typical attire of boys and girls who receive their First Communion, such as white suits and dresses that symbolize purity.

Dates and Related Events:  

Information about specific dates and events related to communion, such as the date of the celebration in the church or parish.  


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